Eating extracted food is great for EVERYONE in any state of health – from top performing athletes to someone suffering from illness – because extracted food is virtually pre-digested, so your body can effortlessly absorb and utilize all of the nutrition that food has to offer. Even when we eat the healthiest foods, like a salad for example, it’s a lot of work for the body to break that salad down to get it ready for absorption into the body. When we prepare extracted foods with the nutribullet, the foods are consumed in their most absorptive state, so we get the nutrition WITHOUT having to rely on proper chewing, effective stomach acids, digestive enzymes and the like to break down the food. It’s done for us!

Nutriblasts are delicious, nutrient extracted beverages made with the nutribullet. Simply add your favourite fruits, vegetables and superfoods (nuts, seeds, herbs) to the nutribullet, along with some water, and extract the ingredients into a smooth, tasty drink. And the best part is a nutriblast takes only seconds to prepare, seconds to clean and couldn’t be easier to take on-the-go.

Along with nutriblasts, the nutribullet also makes delicious nutrient extracted soups, dressings, desserts, all-natural ice creams, dips and more. The nutribullet comes with an extensive recipe book full of delicious, healthy recipes you and your family will enjoy.

Yes, all of the nutribullet cups and lids are top-rack dishwasher safe. The only things that cannot go in the dishwasher are the nutribullet motor base and blades.

Yes, you are able to use the milling blade from the 600 series with the 900 series.

The Extractor Blade is the primary blade and is used for breaking through tough seeds, thick stems and tough skin to access the hidden nutrition inside. The Milling Blade is ideal for milling grains, grinding fresh herbs and chopping nuts.

Some seeds supply valuable nutrients while others should be discarded. Those that you should avoid include apple, pear, apricot, cherry, peach, and plum because they contain amygdalin, a molecule that produces cyanide once ingested.

Nutritious seeds include:

  • blackberry (omega-3, protein, fibre, antioxidants)
  • cantaloupe and honeydew (protein, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin A)
  • grape (resveratrol, vitamin E, essential fatty acids)
  • kiwi (omega 3 and vitamin E)
  • lemon and lime (salicylic acid – the ingredient in aspirin that helps relieve pain)
  • orange (anti-fungal and anti-cancer enzymes)
  • strawberry (fibre)
  • watermelon (zinc, iron, fibre, protein)

Although the nutribullet program was not designed to be a weight loss program, there have been some great weight-loss results from people following it. A lot of the success depends on your metabolism and lifestyle habits. If you are interested in using the nutribullet for weight loss, modify your nutriblasts with lower calorie ingredients. Consider using more leafy greens and less high sugar fruits, then adding in smaller portions of nuts and denser fruits like avocado. Also, be sure to make your meals more plant-based so you can fill up on fibre, keeping you full while you consume less calories.

We also suggest exploring NutriLiving.com for forums, articles and recipes with great info on how to achieve the weight loss you have always desired without starving yourself or feeling deprived

Absolutely! It will give it a slightly thicker consistency and a nice chill. Another option is to use frozen fruit or vegetables. Root vegetables like carrots and beets are also great to add in the nutribullet.

We recommend making your nutriblast right before you plan on consuming it. Heat, light, and air degrade nutrients and enzymes so the longer they are exposed, the less nutritious your nutriblast might be. If you must make them in advance, don’t prepare more than one day’s worth in advance. Some options: You can prep your ingredients in the cup and top it with the stay-fresh lid (not the blade assembly). Then when you are ready to drink it, simply twist on the Extractor Blade and blast it right before you’d like to enjoy. Or you could blast and freeze them for future use (nutriblasts keep for about a week depending on ingredients). When storing, keep in the refrigerator in a dark container and filled as close to the top as possible to minimize exposure to the elements. When freezing your nutriblasts, do not store it in the nutribullet cup. Your nutriblasts should be transferred from the cup to an appropriate freezer-safe container prior to freezing.

  • nutribullet 600watt:

  • Tall Cup max – 710ml
  • Short Cup max – 532ml
  • nutribullet Pro 900watt:

  • Collosal Cup max – 945ml
  • Tall Cup max – 710ml
  • nutribullet RX 1700watt:

  • Pitcher max – 1000ml
  • Tall Cup max – 1330ml
  • Short Cup max – 946ml

The nutribullet is designed for domestic use, and is guaranteed accordingly. There are many reported instances however of people using the device in food stores to make smoothies – and doing so successfully. It is not recommended that you use your nutribullet more than eight times per hour or more than thirty times per day, as this will shorten its useful life.

If this happens during the (12 month) guarantee period, and is not the result of abuse, misuse or negligence, the malfunctioning part will be repaired or replaced free of charge. If it happens after the guarantee period has expired, the cost of repair or replacement will be for your own account. In either instance the unit should be returned to ourselves or to the retailer from whom it was purchased.

There are three basic rules that will ensure a hassle-free, five star experience, viz.

  • Do not overfill the cup. Going above the “max” line can sometimes cause the device to leak.
  • Do not run the motor for more than 40 seconds at a time. Failure to adhere to this time limit can cause the nutribullet to overheat and this can damage the device.If the motor stops working, unplug the Power Base and let it cool for an hour before attempting to use it again. Your nutribullet has an internal thermal breaker that shuts off the unit when it overheats. The Power Base will reset when the unit is unplugged and the thermal breaker cools down.
  • Do not use hot liquids. The nutribullet is made of plastic and although it is strong it is not designed to handle boiling or very hot liquids.
  • Do not put hot liquids in any of the blending vessels before blending. Start with cool or room temparature ingredients. Heated ingredients can create internal pressure in a sealed blending vessel, which may erupt on opening and cause thermal injury.
  • To prevent overheating, never allow the motor to run for one minute at a time, as it can cause permanent damage to the motor. If the motor stops working, unplug the Power Base and let it cool for an hour before attempting to use it again. Your nutribullet has an enternal thermal breaker that shuts off the unit when it overheats. The Power Base will reset when the unit is unplugged and the thermal breaker cools down.

Important safeguards

  • Check gasket to make sure it is completely seated in the cross blade or flat blade unit before each use.
  • The nutribullet is not intended for use in the microwave. Do not place the nutribullet Cups, Power Base or accessories in the microwave as this may result in damage to the appliance.
  • Never blend carbonated beverages. Built-up pressure from released gases can cause container to burst, resulting in possible injury.

Cleaning the powerbase

  • Always unplug the power base first.
  • Leakage should be cleaned up completely and immediately to prevent the stickiness from occurring. Wiping the powerbase and the actuators thoroughly with warm soapy dish cloth usually will maintain the base without issue.
  • In instances where the spill has been allowed to dry and become sticky – the best solution is to use a warm dilute vinegar solution (about 10% dilution vinegar to water) to wipe down the powerbase and to “unglue” the sticky white actuators, a small brush like a toothbrush to brush out any debris in the top of the actuator tabs is recommended.
  • Using the handle end of a teaspoon, gently press and release the actuators wiping periodically with the dilute vinegar solution to work it in and dissolve the sticky debris. Do this for each actuator tab. Take one of the cups with the blade in place, line the tabs up with the actuators and gently press and release the cup to fully move all actuators simultaneously as though in use. If it still feels sticky – repeat the process. Depending on how much sticky debris there is, you may have to repeat this process 3-4 times to assure it clean.
  • There is a drain hole and tube in the power base for leakage to safely flow out should it occur.
  • To clean that simply pour about ½ ounce of the dilute vinegar solution through it periodically to rinse and disinfect it.
  • Once complete simply wipe the inside of the power base dry inside and out.
  • In some instances where the consumer has not been diligent to properly clean and maintain their unit such as allowing leakage to repeatedly dry and the power base is so sticky that it is beyond cleaning. In such instances the machine will have to be sent back to us so that we can open it up and thoroughly clean it.

Cleaning the cups & blades

  • Do not put the blades in the dishwasher. Simply hand wash with warm soapy water.
  • The nutribullet cups can be washed on the top rack of the dishwasher using the normal (not sanitize) cycle.
  • The nutribullet cups and blades should not be sterilized in boiling water for any reason as this will warp the plastic.
  • When washing blades, do not attempt to remove the gasket ring. Simply hand wash the blades in warm soapy water. Attempted removal of the gasket may permanently damage the blade configuration and cause leakage.

All of the nutribullet Cups are made out of non-toxic high-impact plastic. Unlike glass, they do not shatter when dropped. They do not contain any BPA (Bisphenol A) or Phthalates.

Yes, the nutribullet is sold in major retailers. (Please look at the homepage) However can also be purchased online

The nutribullet is not intended for use in the microwave. Do not place the nutribullet Cups, Power Base or accessories in the microwave as this may result in damage to the appliance.

We recommend replacing your Extractor Blade every 6 months, or as needed, for optimal performance.