nutribullet PRO 1000

The nutribullet Pro 1000 is a compact powerhouse blender with ergonomically redesigned blades and cups, and a powerful motor. Creating silky-smooth superfood smoothies has never been easier — the 1000 watts of power in this compact blender turns anything from strawberries and spinach to nuts into smooth, sippable nutrition or creamy sauces and nut butters. It features a new and improved Easy Twist extractor blade which is comfortable to grip, ensuring a proper seal with no leaks

8 Piece includes:
• 1000 watt motor base
• Easy Twist extractor blade
• 2x 700ml cup
• 590ml cup
• 2 to-go lids
• User Guide

Length: 28cm
Width: 18.5cm
Height: 31.5cm
Weight: 3kg

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