Sonja Lietch:

I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease 3 years ago and have been on a health journey ever since. Ever since I received the Nutribullet for Christmas I receive constant compliments on how great I'm looking, how my skin and hair is so healthy...why? Well I believe the Nutribullet has taken me back to basics, raw, raw and more raw. The best thing is, it doesn't matter what your combination is, it’s always good. And now my colleague has bought herself one and a friend of mine has stopped visiting me but rather, visits my Nutribullet. Truly worth every cent and more.

Laura Pestana de Sousa:

I love my Nutribullet! It was the best birthday gift! It’s the easiest way to get fruit & vegetables into my fussy 9 year old eater. Looking forward to many healthy years ahead, as well as aging gracefully too.

Colleen Trollip:

Thanks to my Nutribullet shakes, my skin is beautiful, my energy levels are up and I know that my system is all the better for it. I get so many fruits and vegetables in my diet now. This truly is the best invention EVER!!!

Zahid Wehvaria:

My kids love shakes and my Nutribullet has made it easy for me to make variations of shakes for my whole family....we just love and enjoy the smoothie shakes thanks to Nutribullet.

Lilly Whitehead:

As a runner I often have to wake up at 4 am to do a long marathon so the Nutribullet is life changing as I can whizz up something fast so that I can have the energy to make it through a 42 km marathon.

Leana Smit:

After my dad was diagnosed with cancer last year, he bought each family’s household a Nutribullet for Christmas to encourage healthy eating. I started the 6-week transformation plan and saw results immediately. I love making my own hummus and baba ganoush. Yesterday I made my first almond butter. It is great to make healthy ‘shakes’ – I am definitely getting more veggies in. It is fun to experiment with the endless possibilities. Nutribullet has made life more fun, convenient and healthy! I would recommend it to anyone!

Priscilla Burkinshaw Boscombe:

My story is so much like everyone else's......Being overweight has always been an issue for me, together with hypertension, I decided that once and for all I was sticking to a healthy eating plan and exercise program... Mixed up so many awesome smoothies and juices.... and 9kg's (and counting) lighter, I am a changed person.... Cheers to the next few to loose.

Halima Shaik:

My Nutribullet changed my life. I started with the toxin cleansing blast and was full of energy. It gave my body a necessary detox and left me feeling and looking great. I felt so energetic with major improvements in my skin and overall health. Currently we are hooked on our Natures Candy blast, which is a yummy treat, so easy to make, my kids love it. I would recommend the Nutribullet to each and every person!

Natasha van Niekerk:

Congrats to the inventors of the oh so AMAZING have nailed it!! Everyone should invest in and own a Nutribullet...I am absolutely obsessed with mine! And what great service I received purchasing mine online! Every day is a tasty adventure you can't get enough of! Nutrition overload!! I can't help but tell everyone on a daily basis to invest in their own one...YOU WON'T REGRET IT!!!....Happy Nutribullet user♡

Ummi Muawiyah:

Firstly I am not a "breakfast person". Being a mum to four kids I am also always rushed off my feet in the mornings, so there's no time for me to sit down for a proper breakfast. Having been advised by my doctor to increase my intake of iron in the form of spinach and kale, I decided to purchase the Nutribullet so I could have my daily dose of green juice. Best decision ever!!!!! Nutribullet does the juicing for me in a matter of seconds and I'm not only getting my daily iron and nutrient intake but I'm having my breakfast in a glass . It keeps me feeling full for the entire morning and I now have enough energy to keep up with my kids.